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  1. President Clinton : Employers pay 80 %, individuals 20 %.
  2. Senate Labor : Employers pay 80 %, individuals 20 %.
  3. Discovery and appreciation of the music rests with the individual filmgoer.
  4. But such individual rights, by definition, end with death.
  5. And for individuals, the quest can be all but hopeless.
  6. It's difficult to find individual in a sentence.
  7. These same individuals also constitute the board of the Shubert Organization.
  8. Farcast also offers automatic stock quotes on individual companies and industries.
  9. Both institutions and individuals today are looking for the main chance.
  10. On an individual basis, some players are having remarkable seasons.
  11. You can take almost any individual study and find a flaw.
  12. It reviews the history of individual productions and chronicles their reception.
  13. There is no right for the press to try an individual.
  14. Woods ducked, saying every race comes down to individual factors.
  15. -- Individuals must share the responsibility for their health care.
  16. In other words, no team champions, no individual champions.
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