individual words in a sentence

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  1. Individual words and phrases can also be searched on Google books.
  2. Prose issues, particularly much repetition of individual words and phrases.
  3. Individual words simply do not make that much difference in this score.
  4. Translations of individual words and simple phrases are fairly accurate.
  5. But it taught me the importance of each individual word.
  6. It's difficult to find individual words in a sentence.
  7. Experiment three included full sentences of degraded words rather than individual words.
  8. The most common plural form depends on the individual word.
  9. Semantic analysis can begin with the relationship between individual words.
  10. The field of visual word recognition studies how people read individual words.
  11. Technicians had to filter the noise between individual words to eliminate static.
  12. The individual words in the content of any anchor are not reversed.
  13. In particular, for individual words and word-endings.
  14. Sometimes the changes were very small differences in individual words.
  15. Individual words in the idiom can metaphorically contribute to its figurative meaning.
  16. With enough footage, the directors could extract parts that resembled individual words.
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