individual women in a sentence

"individual women" in Chinese  
  1. So what is the real risk ( for the individual woman )?
  2. The offense against an individual woman becomes an offense against the family,
  3. The title of the individual women champion defended Sara Takanashi from Japan.
  4. South Koreans have claimed six consecutive gold medals in individual women's competition.
  5. The study concerns group averages, not necessarily the risks for an individual woman.
  6. It's difficult to find individual women in a sentence.
  7. His ruling opened the way for the five individual women to seek damages.
  8. In this example, the data are averages rather than measurements on individual women.
  9. He supports the current law that gives those tough choices to individual women.
  10. The holiday did not celebrate individual women, but an idealized standard of motherhood.
  11. Each pair is authentic and custom made for each individual woman reported missing.
  12. The championship continues Thursday with the 15-kilometer individual women's event.
  13. Radanova has won every individual women's race at the championships for three years running.
  14. This was the first of Villanova's record six consecutive individual women's cross country titles.
  15. If we tried equality, we would see that there were benefits for individual women.
  16. Here's the confusing part : The risks for each individual woman are actually pretty small.
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