individual will in a sentence

"individual will" in Chinese  
  1. These individuals will have ongoing case management and access to PERC services.
  2. Now some other poor individual will have them go through their trash.
  3. Next, look at what roles various individuals will play in that process.
  4. Individuals will sanctus bells are rung and all who are present kneel.
  5. Any party or individual will be held accountable for breaking the law,
  6. It's difficult to find individual will in a sentence.
  7. These two individuals will report directly to me for their respective portfolios.
  8. Behavior toward the individual will be in accordance with the accepted lie.
  9. If taxes are reduced, individuals will have more to save and invest.
  10. It is our policy that harassment of individuals will not be tolerated,
  11. Of course, some disturbed individuals will not be deterred by protective orders.
  12. Under the new proposals, individuals will have the more conventional limited liability.
  13. Life is the most precious thing that an individual will ever have;
  14. These four outstanding individuals will be an integral part of my Cabinet,
  15. It is further assumed that individuals will eventually experience diminishing marginal utility.
  16. That individual will serve out Quackenbush's term, which ends in 2002.
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