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  1. The party advocates individual capitalist party and favours minimal government involvement in economic matters.
  2. Not all class struggle is a threat to capitalism, or even to the authority of an individual capitalist.
  3. The individual capitalists follow their individual interests and do not cooperate to achieve a general high rate of growth or rate of profit.
  4. "the development of capitalist production makes it necessary constantly to increase the amount of capital laid out in a given industrial undertaking, and competition subordinates every individual capitalist to the immanent laws of capitalist production as external and coercive laws.
  5. Although most felt the Russian Revolution was working class in character, they believed that, because capitalist relations still existed ( i . e . the workers had no say in running the economy ), the Soviet Union ended up as a state capitalist country, with the state replacing the individual capitalist.
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  7. The condemnation of one part of the working-class to enforced idleness by the over-work of the other part, and the converse, becomes a means of enriching the individual capitalists, 17 and accelerates at the same time the production of the industrial reserve army on a scale corresponding with the advance of social accumulation.
  8. The title track and first major video release from the album,  Warn Them,  is a 6 minute-plus tirade by Rayzer with his non-apologetic, slicing lyrics warning everyone from fake emcees, the pseudo-revolutionaries, to the individual capitalists, multinational corporations and right-wing governments that make it possible for a worldwide system of exploitation to exist.
  9. On this basis, the MG did not regard the phenomena of bourgeois society as the result of the doings of individual capitalists or factions of capital, but saw capitalists and wageworkers only as " character masks " ( Marx ) of a relationship of exploitation between capital and wage labor that is inherent in bourgeois society, i . e ., based on general commodity production and the commodity character of labor power.
  10. From this possibility of self-determination even the notion of Workers'self-management is seen as problematic since " Far from the emergence of proletarian power, . . . this self-management as a moment of the self-harnessing of the workers to capitalist production in the period of real subsumption . . . Mistaking the individual capitalist ( who, in real subsumption disappears into the collective body of share ownership on one side, and hired management on the other ) rather than the enterprise as the problem, . . . the workers themselves became a collective capitalist, taking on responsibility for the exploitation of their own labor.

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