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"incorporeal hereditaments" in Chinese  
  1. They are considered incorporeal hereditaments or non-physical property.
  2. Assessments may apply to both corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments.
  3. They are regarded as incorporeal hereditaments, and are either appendant or in gross.
  4. Under English law incorporeal hereditaments ( including jurisdictions ) were either granted or recognized in charters.
  5. Scottish Barons rank below Lords of Parliament, and although considered noble, their titles are incorporeal hereditaments.
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  7. By the Intestate Estates Act 1884 the law of escheat was extended to incorporeal hereditaments and equitable estates.
  8. :Such titles as were registered as incorporeal hereditaments before the Act of 2009, are in the public domain.
  9. In 1839 he opened the Petrean fellowships at Exeter College to natives of Cheshire by conveying a small incorporeal hereditament to Lord Petre for that purpose.
  10. Following a report by the Irish Parliament passed the Abolition of Tenures Act, no longer exist as incorporeal hereditaments, nor as personal rights, and cannot be revived.
  11. In many cases, a title of lord of the manor may not have any land or rights, and in such cases the title is known as an'incorporeal hereditament '.
  12. Examples of "'incorporeal hereditaments "'are hereditary titles of honour or dignity, heritable titles of office, coats of arms, prescriptive barony, chattels or movable property.
  13. A franchise, such as a corporation, a jurisdiction, or a right to collect certain tolls or taxes, was, in effect, a kind of property : an " incorporeal hereditament ".
  14. As " incorporeal hereditaments ", any lands which may have historically related to such a title and long since disassociated from these ( now ) honorific titles-and such titles no longer attach to any territories.
  15. The rich body of common law regarding advowsons can sometimes become relevant in modern times when dealing with disputes over modern incorporeal hereditaments, such as farming allotments, that are not handled by statute or adequately settled by other common law.
  16. In other words, the gift of the glebe which can be called a " rectory manor " or " church furlong " was only ever granted subject to receiving an incorporeal hereditament ( inheritable and transferable right ) for the original donor.
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