incorporeal capital in a sentence

"incorporeal capital" in Chinese  
  1. On loss and protection of national incorporeal capital
  2. What is the corporate incorporeal capital
  3. Several problems of evaluating incorporeal capital during enterprises annexing
  4. On economic globalization and internationalize operation of incorporeal capital of the enterprise
  5. And how do we strengthen the development and management of corporate incorporeal capital of china
  6. It's difficult to find incorporeal capital in a sentence.
  7. In chapter two , the author studies the content and the signature system of corporate incorporeal capital and discusses how to overcome some domains of mistakes on their evaluation
  8. The competition of modern enterprises has transferred its core from price to image , and the corporate incorporeal capital has become one of the most important foundation stones for enterprises to survive and develop
  9. And among enterprises , some kinds of economic behavior like renting , converting and integrating , etc , have appeared , which have greatly actived the usage and transaction of incorporeal capital
  10. In chapter one , the author discusses the definition , thecharac - teristic , the basis of value and the methods of appraisal of corporate incorporeal capital , including the significance of developing them for our economic activity
  11. As the incorporeal capital is a economic question about law and management , the author tries hard to use the thought of research of law and management for reference and make a comprehensive study on the development and management about corporate incorporeal capital of china . the author expects to achieve the goal of conducting into this question with this thesis by more methods
  12. In chapter three , which is the main part , the author discusses some questions existing in the development and management of corporate incorporeal capital of china , and then researches how to develop and manage them . at the same time , he studies the main methods of how to maintain and raise their values

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