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  1. Valentino, George Ullman, and Beatrice Ullman were the incorporators.
  2. Incorporators envisioned the Association someday being housed in its own building.
  3. The incorporators were nominees of the St . Joseph Lead Company.
  4. The principal incorporators were individuals affiliated with the Holton Power Company.
  5. He was one of the original incorporators of the Human Betterment Foundation,
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  7. She was also one of the incorporators of the organization in 1913.
  8. The incorporators were four residents of Massachusetts and one resident of Maine.
  9. Scarlett was one of the incorporators of the Bank of Upper Canada.
  10. Elene Escoda, Romeo Marave, Carmela Ledesma and Federito Bulatao as incorporators.
  11. He was one of the incorporators in 1846 of the University at Buffalo.
  12. The other incorporators were connected with the Texarkana & Fort Smith Railway Company.
  13. The incorporators of the carrier were all connected with the Imperial Copper Company.
  14. Lee Woodworth Fisher, Lyle Starkey, and Don Field were named incorporators.
  15. Its first incorporators were Most Rev . Ruben T . Profugo, Msgr.
  16. He was one of the incorporators of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
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