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  1. Lynn was an incorporator of the Lulworth Iron company in Maryland.
  2. He was a founding incorporator and charter director of Champion Bank.
  3. Little was an incorporator of both companies and was appointed president of Chevrolet.
  4. In 1835 Wardner was an original incorporator of the Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad.
  5. Higgins owned a successful insurance business and was an incorporator of Brewer Savings Bank.
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  7. He was an incorporator of Dallas Grain, Elevator, and Flouring Company in 1872.
  8. One, Alan Penniman Smith ( born 1840 ) was an incorporator of Johns Hopkins University.
  9. Do the magazine's directors know about the embezzlement, asked Incorporator board member Robert Weiss?
  10. Incorporation papers listed AAS Inc . of Hampton, Georgia, as the incorporator for One Leasing.
  11. Wynne was also an incorporator, vice president, and director of the Washington and Southern Bank.
  12. Why not get rid of Coopers & Lybrand, asked Incorporator board member Casimir de Rham?
  13. Ferrin was an original incorporator of the Montpelier Savings Bank and Trust Company and served as its Treasurer.
  14. Colorado law at that time required an incorporator to be 21, and required at least three directors.
  15. He was an incorporator of the original venture, the Brooklyn Bridge Company, and served as its president.
  16. Cary was involved in banking, including serving as an original incorporator of the Exchange National Bank of Olean.
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