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  1. As for its morphological typology, it has incorporative features ( just like the other Eskimo languages ).
  2. Sireniki  like the other Eskimo languages  has incorporative features, in many forms, among others polypersonal agreement.
  3. Kegan presents a sequence of six evolutionary balances : incorporative, impulsive, imperial, interpersonal, institutional, and interindividual.
  4. The novel is narrated by Mason LaVerle, a member of a tiny religious sect in rural Bluff, Montana, called the Aboriginal Fulfilled Apostles, whose complicated views involve a kind of highly incorporative theology and a strict dietary regimen that facilitates healthy gastrointestinal activity.
  5. While Anne Overzee says that he was a collator and interpreter rather than an original thinker, although showing originality in his method of synthesising the Tamil and Sanskrit sources, Ranjeeta Dutta has said that the two sets of sources " continued to be parallel to each other and not incorporative " at this time.
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