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  1. The incorporation papers filed with the state listed four company directors.
  2. Ground-breaking and legal incorporation will take place in October.
  3. Board of Bank Incorporation officials could not be reached for comment.
  4. Incorporation of these two countries is just, politically and morally,
  5. In Southern California new incorporations increased 5 percent over last year.
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  7. _The state of incorporation, if it is a corporation.
  8. Our shareholders have strongly affirmed the benefits of re-incorporation,
  9. _the incorporation of some former rebels into the national army.
  10. The incorporation of biodiversity issues in long and medium term plans.
  11. Citro雗 went bankrupt and its incorporation into PSA Peugeot Citro雗 begun.
  12. After incorporation, the name Phenix Park was changed to Phoenix.
  13. Thus it was decided that the time had come for incorporation.
  14. Dunellen's incorporation was confirmed on April 15, 1914.
  15. This was followed in 1921 by the incorporation of the village.
  16. In 1966 the town achieved incorporation and elected its first officials.
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