including in a sentence

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  1. Nine other teams, including the Clippers, also contacted Grant.
  2. They demanded reforms, including a clean presidential race this year.
  3. Wildlife includes everything from lizards and rabbits to coyotes and bear.
  4. While of medium quality, the Parker holdings included some charmers.
  5. Last year's questions included, Is reality always realistic?
  6. It's difficult to find including in a sentence.
  7. His career also includes sales and marketing jobs at Frontier Airlines.
  8. Simpler objects included charity boxes, spice boxes and Hanukkah lamps.
  9. Other companies in that group include Rust International and Ohm Corp.
  10. 1 ( 8-ounce ) can crushed pineapple, including liquid
  11. 1 cup chopped fresh red and green chili peppers, including seeds
  12. The 1994 edition includes more than 2, 000 club listings.
  13. Gephardt promised to include their leaders in bill-drafting meetings.
  14. The training includes lessons on conducting pursuits and responding to emergencies.
  15. The $ 155, 600 price included everything except the land.
  16. He blamed himself for not including Bo Jackson in the lineup.
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