including all in a sentence

"including all" in Chinese  
  1. The police force including all support staff consists of almost 15 employees
  2. Includes all necessary equipment and transporting of canoes to the Hudson River.
  3. It includes all deaths in which smoking or cigarettes were specifically cited.
  4. HSH does not provide numbers that include all types of mortgages.
  5. Some authors will use the term terpene to include all terpenoids.
  6. It's difficult to find including all in a sentence.
  7. The consortium to build the A400M include all major European countries.
  8. Sears has said this agreement likely will include all 50 states.
  9. Eligible animals include all bovine animals except bulls and mature cows.
  10. Prosimii included all of the prosimians : Strepsirrhini plus the tarsiers.
  11. The wartime component of the Armed Forces includes all other reservists.
  12. The Vodafone service includes all Sky TV channels and Freeview channels.
  13. But the list includes all foreign names connected with such accounts.
  14. Harbinger of spring includes all 30 teams that finished last season.
  15. Nicklaus later lobbied to include all of Europe in the matches.
  16. The church membership report includes all baptized members and their children.
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