include member in a sentence

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  1. The seven servicemen included members of the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  2. Other locomotives were used including members of the Hercules class goods locomotives.
  3. It will include members of a separate study panel on the Olympics.
  4. A number of students were arrested including members of the student council.
  5. Those killed included members of the security forces and various Palestinian militias.
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  7. His audience also included members of a trade mission from South Africa.
  8. They include members of the violent Islamic groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
  9. The same freedoms apply to citizens in general, including members of Congress.
  10. But the commission also includes members from other parties, including the Communists.
  11. Some wartime presidents broadened their Cabinets to include members of the opposition.
  12. The list includes members of the Sudanese Mission to the United Nations.
  13. Malagasy Tenrecs include members of subfamilies Tenrecinae and Geogalinae, and Oryzorictinae.
  14. It will again include members of the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams.
  15. Over time, everyone emerges sullied, including members of the international community.
  16. The band included members of his family, Slash and Andrea Corr.
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