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  1. In - service education and personnel training in traditional medicine
  2. The congress will appraise the excellent theses through comparison , and all the participants will get 8 marks for in - service education of the first national level
  3. Teacher educational professionalism is a process in one ' s life that not only includes theory and practice but also includes pre - service education , induction and in - service education
  4. The elementary school teacher education in guangxi is confronted with four perplexities such as the source of students , the cultivating process ( including cultivating model , management rule , teacher team and curriculum ) , employment and in - service education
  5. Besides the hong kong institute of vocational education , the vtc also provides professional courses , pre - employment and in - service education and training through the vtc school of business and information systems , the hong kong design institute , training and development centres and youth college
  6. It's difficult to find in-service education in a sentence.
  7. Carry out the international technical & economic cooperation and interchanges , conduct international visits , in - service education & training ; and organize trade meetings , international conferences , seminars , and domestic and international exhibitions to expand the markets
  8. In section iii , " present operation state and operation forms of american teachers " continuing education " , the author presents the administrative management , professional management and staff management in american teachers " continuing education , as well as some evidences and evaluation on in - service education for selective teachers " certificate , school - centered teachers " training , educational master project , and teachers " training in professional practice schools
  9. This thesis studies mainly the following four aspects . fist , the meaning of integration of teacher education ; second , the basis of integration of teacher education , including its necessity and possibility ; third , the carrying out integration of teacher education , including teacher university - based integration of teach education model , school - based in - service education model and combination of teacher university and school model ; fourth , the suggestion in policy of integration of teacher education
  10. The teachers " school - based in - service education is that the schools , according to his own plans fully research his teachers and make full use of their own resources both inside and outside the schools , by the means of design by oneself , professional research and researcher , meet the needs of development of schools and teachers . it emerges in the situation of combination in pre - service education and in - service education hi teachers " education
  11. With the employment of the points mentioned in this study , we can have the following effects : ( 1 ) the establishment of the clinical intranet - teaching mode ; ( 2 ) establishing the in - service education courses of this year on the intranet ; ( 3 ) raising the satisfactory degree of in - service education from 2 . 67 to 3 . 42 ; ( 4 ) raising the percentage of the application of neurological nursing knowledge to 76 . 1 %
  12. From the standpoint of the concept , purpose , content , and methods of school - based in - service education , through the analyzing reasons of school - based in - servive education coming into being , comparing the differences of school - based in - service education between china and foreign country , the author , by the means of investigation , thinks that the school - based in - service education has so many good qualities that the teachers in urumqi railway schools like it . she also finds out that most of the railway schools in urumqi have good conditions to carry out the school - based in - service education . teachers welcome it . headmasters enjoy it , too . at last the author puts forward some suggestions as follows : ( l ) set up the protect system of laws to carry out the school - based in - service education ; ( 2 ) the leaders must pay more attention to the school - based in - service education ; ( 3 ) the method is that the old teachers instruct the young ones ; ( 4 ) the content is the theory of teaching research and the skill of teaching ; ( 5 ) must insist on carrying out the school - based in - service education
  13. Article 15 gender equity education shall be included in pre - service training of staff members , orientation training of new staff members , in - service education program and preparation program for educational administrators , the same in professional teacher training programs in colleges and universities
  14. Academic progress in scientific research and education ( including in - service education ) , health care , drug research and development in the field of traditional medicine ; policy and regulation construction , administrative experience , technical standards and regulations of traditional medicine , therapeutic evaluation of traditional medicine
  15. With the development of teacher - profession theory and lifelong - education theory , the teacher education leads to school - based teacher education , for example , the school - based in - service education model in the usa , six - stage model of the teacher training in the britain , under the theorical and practical background as above , school - based teacher training has developed in china . it is believed that the school - based teacher training model is to play an important part in the teacher education in the present world

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