in-depth research in a sentence

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  1. How to make in - depth research of visitors needs
  2. A in - depth research is done to chaotic neural network in this paper
  3. ( 2 ) do an in - depth research on network attack technology based trojan horse
  4. In - depth research on the control system is carried in this paper
  5. This thesis just launches in - depth research from the angle of the microcosmic based on these questions
  6. It's difficult to find in-depth research in a sentence.
  7. In - depth research in the branding of real estate has become a crucial problem with imminence
  8. On the base of the forthgoer , the writer does some comparatively in - depth research work on this area
  9. The paper has a in - depth research on webgis technology which has been developing with a rapid progress
  10. Thus having in - depth research systematically on this problem is of great importance in theory and practice
  11. In this thesis , starting technology for induction motor start / generator system has been taken on as the in - depth research theme
  12. Considering the actual situation of our country , this dissertation strives to make a systematic and in - depth research on this problem
  13. In the meanwhile , we find is very unstable and quite weak at long - term prediction of stock returns after the in - depth research
  14. This dissertation makes great efforts to do in - depth research work focusing on the theory of software architecture to solve the problem
  15. Lingnan university invites applications for admission to its mphil phd programmes 2007 - 08 . admitted students will conduct in - depth research on specific areas
  16. Finally , the paper summarizes the system capability of designed uav ' s afcs . and discuss few idea of in - depth research
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