in-depth interview in a sentence

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  1. In - depth interview with prominent asian entrepreneurs
  2. King : you then would not recommend any immediate in - depth interview
  3. The third part : in - depth interview record of educational anthropology
  4. For the in - depth interview the semi - structured programming method is used to collect data
  5. Gavin carried out in - depth interviews with 42 regular chat room users aged 19 to 26 years
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  7. To do that , we often need to conduct in - depth interviews with the sponsors and participants
  8. Besides , the in - depth interviews revealed that age discrimination occurred among social welfare agencies as well
  9. Besides , the in - depth interviews revealed that age discrimination occurred among social welfare agencies as well
  10. The researcher employed the in - depth interview method to explore male experiences under the patriarchal ideology
  11. In - depth interviews were conducted to collect narrative data from 4 voluntary women who received counseling provided by the taiwanese nonprofit agency
  12. Research group visited beijing residents in eight communities in the survey and in - depth interviews with a combination of collecting large amounts of data
  13. Through questionnaire survey , in - depth interviews , and case analysis , the thesis studies the development process of hotel product customization
  14. Based on an extensive literature review , company document reviews , in - depth interviews and survey research , this project will generate research and teaching deliverables , including
  15. Four months later the reasearchers re - evaluated the students ‘ progress through a combination of school data , teacher ratings and in - depth interviews with students and parents
  16. Management commitment and reputation are important for successful entry the research comprises a mail survey and in - depth interviews , focusing on sectors of securities brokerage , fund management and insurance
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