in which in a sentence

  1. This is the field in which death and destruction were sowed.
  2. This is a game in which both will be turned loose.
  3. Not about the confines of the world in which he performed.
  4. Instead, Eban depicted a process in which reality slowly intervened.
  5. It's a sport in which the training is rigorous.
  6. It's difficult to find in which in a sentence.
  7. The construction industry is one in which companies have abandoned Japan.
  8. Foote gives the actors time and space in which to work.
  9. Nevertheless, that is the direction in which we are moving.
  10. Games in which they are dependent on the kindness of strangers.
  11. I just don't know in which part it resides.
  12. The last show in which Jamie MacKenzie performed closed in May.
  13. They come up with these boxes in which they put her.
  14. Arizona lost a football game in which it allowed 75 yards.
  15. A : One in which I don't screw up.
  16. It is a role in which most Canadians take deep pride.
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