in what way in a sentence

"in what way" in Chinese  
  1. Charles, calmly : " In what way ?"
  2. In what ways can they differ from brand-name drugs?
  3. OTRS mandate, then in what way were your deletions appropriate?
  4. In what way similar to the role of Prime Minister ?)
  5. In what ways can you have a non-religious marriage?
  6. It's difficult to find in what way in a sentence.
  7. Does Elonka truly believe Jagz needs mentoring ? in what ways?
  8. My edits at this thread were not helpful in what way?
  9. :: In what way would it be a step forward?
  10. So, in what way is Wikimapia not a reliable source?
  11. In what way are they " identical " as Parishan claims.
  12. Nor do I see in what way it exaggerated the allegations.
  13. In what way was the disability connected with his genius?
  14. Q In what way did the United States government not follow through?
  15. In what way is the situation more secure than before?
  16. Kram : " Blow in what way ?"
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