in what follows in a sentence

"in what follows" in Chinese  
  1. In what follows " X " denotes a locally compact topological space.
  2. In what follows, we deal with the case of rational B閦ier motion.
  3. In what follows, manifolds are understood to be without boundary, unless stated otherwise.
  4. This is the intended sense of weightlessness in what follows below.
  5. In what follows we will distinguish scalars, vectors and matrices by their typeface.
  6. It's difficult to find in what follows in a sentence.
  7. In what follows, K will denote the real or complex numbers.
  8. In what follows there are other vanishing acts and further twists and surprises.
  9. In what follows, the coefficient group " A " is sometimes not written.
  10. So, in what follows, there is some basic background information.
  11. In what follows in " The Heart of the Game,"
  12. Therefore we shall suppose " S " to be multiplicatively closed in what follows.
  13. Forgive me if I get anything wrong in what follows.
  14. Sorry if I abuse any terminology in what follows.
  15. Although these complications are ignored in what follows, they are often relevant to industrial processes.
  16. But I will say that we've come to a nadir of irrationality in what follows.
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