in wet condition in a sentence

"in wet condition" in Chinese  
  1. It never dried fully, and the race was ran in wet conditions.
  2. But with Stewart's effective rushing, the Lions stayed close in wet conditions.
  3. This allows for improved high-speed stability and better performance in wet conditions.
  4. Due to safety issues, the race is not held in wet conditions.
  5. The glue is a protein-based pressure-sensitive adhesive that functions even in wet conditions.
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  7. It's a grind, but I've played in wet conditions before ."
  8. Ganassi moved to Honda engines for the IRL race run in wet conditions.
  9. He scored the team's first win at Knockhill, in wet conditions.
  10. He lost nine minutes to Pantani in wet conditions on Monday.
  11. Deloplaine was nicknamed " Hydroplane " for his running ability in wet conditions.
  12. Peach scab grows optimally in wet conditions in temperature ranges of 22-30 degrees Celsius.
  13. The race was no drier, and the entire race was run in wet conditions.
  14. After a hard-fought match played in wet conditions, the game ended in a draw.
  15. The 2006 Grand Prix was the first to be held here in wet conditions.
  16. His style made him a dominant player in wet conditions.
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