in weld in a sentence

  1. Variations in the thicknesses of materials can cause variations in weld quality.
  2. This nanoparticle addition leads to an increase in weld strength.
  3. The adoptions were finalized in Weld County in 1950.
  4. And, in Weld's view, Kerry could fall into the same trap.
  5. A fatigue crack had initiated in weld metal on the inner surface of the socket.
  6. It's difficult to find in weld in a sentence.
  7. Helms has said his opposition is rooted in Weld's record and stands on drugs.
  8. "I'd like to talk to someone in Weld's campaign,"
  9. In Weld County ( including Greeley ); he would have unseated Musgrave had he won there.
  10. Only in Weld's World does the ultimate conceit reside, the absurd assumption that anybody cares.
  11. The Dent Site, in Weld County, Colorado, was simply a fossil mammoth excavation in 1932.
  12. There was no such offering of fruit in Weld's hirings for the SJC . Just vanilla danishes.
  13. However, Helms has said he would not stand in Weld's way if he sought another ambassadorship.
  14. The polls, such as they are, suggest no built-in Weld advantage over Kerry; rather the contrary.
  15. The Weld campaign suggested that Kerry had overstated Gray's role in Weld's fund-raising and counterattacked.
  16. Holland's lengthy record in Colorado courts includes a 2001 guilty plea in Weld County Court to driving while impaired.
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