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  1. Born in Wear delegate on the union's executive council.
  2. Vinyl bears the traces of its player, in wear and scratches.
  3. Hard chrome replacement technologies outperform hard chrome in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and cost.
  4. Crowson arrived in Wears Valley from North Carolina in 1792 along with his friend, Peter Percefield.
  5. Crowson arrived in Wear Cove from North Carolina in 1792 along with his friend, Peter Percefield.
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  7. The efficient mixing within the concrete, results in a reduction in wear of the drum liners.
  8. This denim is designed to age quicker, so take care in wear and do not hesitate to repair.
  9. This has the effect of providing the benefits of a glazed part without the associated run in wear damage.
  10. Without the normal overhaul periods due ships and men, service was taking a daily toll in wear and tear.
  11. Rulon A has a 1000 fold increase in wear resistance as compared to stamped, and hot and cold formed.
  12. Like many other farms in Wears Valley, the Brickey farm was ravaged by the U . S . Civil War.
  13. Whittaker's original intent, to set the song in Wear, 20 miles to the south, which flows through Durham.
  14. For most of the 19th century, funerals in Wears Valley were held at Headrick Cemetery, near the valley's western entrance.
  15. It is absolutely necessary for good work to use brushes of a fine quality, and although expensive at first cost, they are undoubtedly cheapest in wear.
  16. As of the census of 2000, there were 6, 486 people, 2, 585 households, and 1, 955 families residing in Wears Valley.
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