in ways in a sentence

"in ways" in Chinese  
  1. It seemed right to him in ways that went beyond money.
  2. Patinkin parsed the issues in ways that admirers describe as Talmudic.
  3. Habits got pulled into the debate in ways beyond our control.
  4. Buchanan is a throwback in ways that go beyond the ideological.
  5. This has changed the game in ways both subtle and profound.
  6. It's difficult to find in ways in a sentence.
  7. We wanted to touch them in ways they could identify with.
  8. Murray soothed Bonilla in ways that transcend numbers, Johnson believes.
  9. In ways both small and large, it can perform magnificently.
  10. Black men die every day in ways both expected and unexpected.
  11. They have been marginalized in ways that make them barely visible.
  12. Improvements in HIV therapy are extending lives in ways once unimaginable.
  13. He helped shape the work in ways producers never do anymore.
  14. The inheritance boom is transforming society in ways small and large.
  15. Whether that's in ways they generate revenue ."
  16. That will compute here in ways it couldn't elsewhere.
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