in waves in a sentence

"in waves" in Chinese  
  1. Nicaraguans, much like the Cubans, moved here in waves.
  2. The fans came in waves, dressed in their Cowboys memorabilia.
  3. They pass above me in waves, submerging me in song.
  4. They came in waves, practically a cavalry of white shirts.
  5. "We came at'em in waves ."
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  7. They increased their chances with an attack that came in waves.
  8. The drug's availability in Kansas City comes in waves.
  9. The Czechs marched in waving American flags along with their own.
  10. They came in waves, bringing flowers and cards and hope.
  11. Their sadness, their energy, their emotions came in waves.
  12. Worker anger has spilled out in waves of unrest this year.
  13. Smaller radiation concentrations followed in waves mimicking the initial base surge.
  14. That night the Japanese attack in waves against the Australian positions.
  15. The enemy attacked in waves of lines of 200 300 men.
  16. He was recently a radio personality in Wave 94.7.
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