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  1. Light can be confined in waveguides by a refractive index gradient.
  2. In waveguide systems, any number of modes are possible.
  3. Beam propagation method ( BPM ) can solve for the power flow in waveguides.
  4. A frequent format used for impedance matching in waveguide is the stepped impedance filter.
  5. This multiplicity of modes can cause problems in waveguide filters when spurious modes are generated.
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  7. Losses in waveguides mostly come from conductivity.
  8. In waveguide arrays where discrete solitons are knows to form, discrete nematicons have also been demonstrated
  9. This improved " Q " leads to better performing filters in waveguides, with greater stop band rejection.
  10. Although this article is limited to describing reflections on conducting lines, this is essentially the same phenomenon as optical reflections in fibre-optic lines and microwave reflections in waveguides.
  11. For instance the rat-race coupler ( which can be implemented directly in waveguide ) works on a completely different principle but still relies on certain lengths being exact in terms of ?.
  12. Open-circuited stubs are also theoretically possible, but an implementation in waveguide is not practical because electromagnetic energy would be launched out of the open end of the stub, resulting in high losses.
  13. The limitation to " Q " in waveguides comes mostly from the ohmic losses in the walls described earlier, but silver plating the internal walls can more than double " Q ".
  14. He developed the theory of transverse joints in waveguide systems, proposed a number of methods for design and analysis of triode, tetrode, pentode, klystron, platinotron, magnetron and reznatron amplifiers and oscillators, carried out studies of surface electromagnetic waves.
  15. Coupling of microwaves into the plasma may be in free space, in waveguide, by means of a parabolic concentrator ( e . g ., Winston cone ), or via capacitive means via a loop or dipole antenna mounted directly to the lamp.
  16. A dual-polarized signal thus carries two independent data streams to a receiving antenna, which can itself be a single-polarized one, for receiving only one of the two streams at a time, or a dual-polarized model, again relaying its received signal to two single-polarization output connectors ( via an OMT if in waveguide ).
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