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  1. The question of restitution for artworks taken in wartime remains touchy.
  2. Stravinsky even recovered a sense of Russian patriotism in wartime Hollywood.
  3. In wartime, the idea appeals to other Serbs as well.
  4. Government attempts to influence the press in wartime are nothing new.
  5. `SUPREME COMMAND : Soldiers, Statesmen and Leadership in Wartime'
  6. It's difficult to find in wartime in a sentence.
  7. In wartime Iraq, this can take more than 24 hours.
  8. But in wartime, many listeners sought comforting sounds and certainties.
  9. "We're not in wartime anymore ."
  10. They were determined to change the role of doctors in wartime.
  11. Every death of a civilian in wartime is a terrible tragedy,
  12. Military service is voluntary, though conscription may occur in wartime.
  13. He blossomed in, becoming a dominant pitcher in wartime baseball.
  14. The Supreme Commander would in wartime formally report to the Government.
  15. In wartime, the factory primarily produced landmines, A45 Autobahn.
  16. In wartime, units raised for the duration often are numbered.
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