in the wild in a sentence

"in the wild" in Chinese  
  1. Ben Israel said breeding farms help protect monkeys living in the wild.
  2. She has studied Magellanics in the wild in Patagonia and Chile.
  3. His friends buried him in the wild land outside of Tucson.
  4. He was taken to a hospital in the wilds of Liberia,
  5. Only a few hundred ploughshare tortoises still exist in the wild.
  6. It's difficult to find in the wild in a sentence.
  7. What worked in the wilds of the Florida swamps were bullwhips.
  8. The birds in the wild now are about 2 years old.
  9. Rhinos in the wild have been poached and starved for years.
  10. Q . What are the Sumatran rhinos like in the wild?
  11. Beavers live up to 24 years of age in the wild.
  12. How long seahorses can live in the wild is virtually unknown.
  13. Never in the wild has he encountered a creature as evil.
  14. The eager rodents will be released in the wilds of Maryland.
  15. Tigers are not found in the wild in the Western Hemisphere.
  16. Jaguars in the wild hunt cows and horses for their food.
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