in the widest sense in a sentence

"in the widest sense" in Chinese  
  1. Marketing implications must refer to some specific in the widest sense.
  2. Understanding fashion in the widest sense, Julia, yes, they did.
  3. Jarun, in the wider sense, also includes the neighborhoods of Stagliae and Gredice.
  4. The population of the neighborhood in the widest sense was 22, 707 in 2002.
  5. To his admirers, Ek is a humanist, defending the oppressed in the widest sense.
  6. It's difficult to find in the widest sense in a sentence.
  7. However, in the wider sense, it can refer to any word that modifies a noun.
  8. In 1975 the range of services was expanded from personnel management to human resources in the widest sense.
  9. He said Russia was ready to cooperate with the United States " in the widest sense ."
  10. City branding refers to the application of branding techniques to geographical locations in the widest sense of the word.
  11. Vrbani, in the wider sense, also includes the newly built buildings between lake Jarun and Horvaanska Street.
  12. The owl, with its wings expanded, may also be taken to represent knowledge in the widest sense.
  13. But in his own columns, Kilpatrick is still using scenario in the wider sense, just like everyone else.
  14. Rit . celebr . i . 2 ), it may be included among liturgical vestments in the widest sense.
  15. In the widest sense the word samadhi is being used for the practices which lead to the development of serenity.
  16. With its celebratory finale and a hint of salvation, the ballet became a treatise on harmony in the widest sense.
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