in the whole world in a sentence

"in the whole world" in Chinese  
  1. I think there were 23 known copies in the whole world.
  2. Tiger Stadium is my favorite baseball park in the whole world.
  3. Here we are, the hugest dump in the whole world.
  4. He is the only thing I have in the whole world.
  5. Basketball is such a small arena in the whole world.
  6. It's difficult to find in the whole world in a sentence.
  7. I thought Bryant was the largest practice field in the whole world.
  8. It's the greatest feeling in the whole world.
  9. Gary Hall may be the most talented athlete in the whole world,
  10. Police departments have the highest rate of divorce in the whole world.
  11. There is no risk to anyone in the whole world.
  12. But in the whole world there is not another museum with bats.
  13. I thought it was the most exciting place in the whole world.
  14. It will be in the whole world, because the ocean moves.
  15. Moreover, it is the most terrorist country in the whole world,
  16. America is the most free country in the whole world.
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