in the white in a sentence

"in the white" in Chinese  
  1. That was a step in the white direction . _ DAVID COLMAN
  2. Clinton said in an Oval Office announcement in the White House.
  3. He was ridiculed for his political failures in the White House.
  4. Just about everybody had a number listed in the white pages.
  5. Some in the White House struggle with bills like everyday Americans.
  6. It's difficult to find in the white in a sentence.
  7. Clinton said Friday at a news conference in the White House.
  8. The Washington center is located in the White House Treaty Room.
  9. But even Roosevelt presided over colorful behavior in the White House.
  10. That view reflects a dramatic improvement in the White House forecast.
  11. Enjoy a Bethlehem Christmas in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
  12. Anybody who uses drugs will not be in the White House.
  13. But we may have a blood bank in the White House.
  14. We just need to get a Republican in the White House.
  15. These families want someone in the White House to wage warfare.
  16. Clinton was not in the White House when the summons arrived.
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