in the whale in a sentence

  1. The Japanese public has shown little interest in the whaling controversy.
  2. The footage was used in the Whale Wars special Seal Wars.
  3. A listing could limit commercial activity in the whale's range.
  4. He was then engaged in the whaling and mill businesses.
  5. Each spring and fall Leavitt joins other Inupiaq in the whaling hunts.
  6. It's difficult to find in the whale in a sentence.
  7. He was involved in the whaling industry as chairman of several companies.
  8. Boston spent his early years working in the whaling industry.
  9. Steam yachts were widely used in the whaling trade.
  10. The Makah had just thrown a harpoon, which did not stick in the whale.
  11. A similar system operates during the winter in the whales'calving grounds in the southeast.
  12. He became interested in the whale and seal collections as well as deep-sea fishes.
  13. In the nineteenth century, most Wampanoag men worked in the whaling industry on board ships.
  14. A similar system will be set up in the whales'calving grounds off Florida and Georgia.
  15. In the end, it is still perceptions that most deeply divide those in the whaling debate.
  16. Its members also participate in the Whale Entanglement Team, helping to save whales caught in netting.
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