in the wet in a sentence

  1. We were not as quick in the wet conditions as Michael.
  2. The 3pm dewpoint average in the wet season is at around.
  3. In the wet weather qualifying, Massa qualified a disappointing eighteenth.
  4. In general, butterflies are more abundant in the wet season.
  5. Water vapor is a key ingredient in the wet oxidation recipe.
  6. It's difficult to find in the wet in a sentence.
  7. For a stucco look, press a sponge in the wet paint.
  8. In the wet woods the pasqueflowers bravely shrug off the last snow.
  9. That meant dumping the passing game in the wet conditions.
  10. For example, in the wet season will the roads be accessible?
  11. Also, not having traction control can be dangerous in the wet.
  12. Few managed more than 10 laps in the wet conditions.
  13. It was cheaper by 80 sen in the wet markets.
  14. The vegetable was going for RM6 per kg in the wet markets.
  15. World champion Michael Schumacher also had trouble in the wet afternoon session.
  16. Ranching in the Wet Mountain Valley continues to this day.
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