in the west in a sentence

"in the west" in Chinese  
  1. Will he allow Jewish settlements to expand in the West Bank?
  2. Horses and cattle defined a way of life in the West.
  3. Phil Simmons also played his part in the West Indies comeback.
  4. The one fatality in the West Bank was never under dispute.
  5. He had been working in the West Bank city of Jenin.
  6. It's difficult to find in the west in a sentence.
  7. We learned we can play with the best in the West.
  8. Even his friends in the West have joined in the carping.
  9. He has never returned to visit relatives in the West Bank.
  10. And the blueberry pancakes rank among the best in the West.
  11. Palestinian gunmen have repeatedly attacked Israeli vehicles in the West Bank.
  12. Israel arrested two local Hamas leaders in the West Bank Wednesday.
  13. Only five teams in the West own records above . 500.
  14. The junta was condemned in the West as paranoid and authoritarian.
  15. The Bruins defeated UConn in the West regional finals last year.
  16. There are going to be great playoff series in the West.
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