in the weeds in a sentence

"in the weeds" in Chinese  
  1. But there are plenty of intriguing teams lurking in the weeds.
  2. He doesn't like to lay back in the weeds.
  3. Both Dierkes and Pierson also appeared in the Weeds ".
  4. The lawmakers and the lobbyists are lying in the weeds.
  5. That is the real story there lurking in the weeds.
  6. It's difficult to find in the weeds in a sentence.
  7. Smith went by while I was spinning in the weeds.
  8. Plummer never saw cornerback Charles Woodson hiding in the weeds.
  9. It was just lying in the weeds and rain for so long.
  10. You feel like the sniper is lurking in the weeds.
  11. Lately some nomads have started complaining _ about being robbed in the weeds.
  12. The rest leave their bones somewhere in the weeds.
  13. I've always laid in the weeds when I was going good.
  14. At first it just stopped; I thought I was in the weeds,
  15. Hopefully, we can just lay in the weeds.
  16. A pair of guinea hens are pecking around in the weeds out back.
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