in the wedding in a sentence

"in the wedding" in Chinese  
  1. The maid of honor should never clash in the wedding photos.
  2. There were more people in the wedding party than those listening.
  3. Her only required duty is to participate in the wedding ceremony.
  4. Around two thousand Landshut people take part in the wedding procession.
  5. Famous wrestlers gathered together to weight their power in the wedding.
  6. It's difficult to find in the wedding in a sentence.
  7. A couple of friends in the wedding party gave it to us.
  8. Former cadets involved in the wedding pretty much downplayed that.
  9. In the wedding divertissement, the Hungarian dances were labeled as Russian.
  10. So it seemed only natural that the dogs participate in the wedding.
  11. It was also there to help Japanese guests in the wedding parties.
  12. Almost everyone in the wedding industry has a Web site,
  13. Many in the wedding party are expected to wear traditional Scottish attire.
  14. Conner was in the wedding party for writer Kurt Busiek.
  15. People around the world took great interest in the wedding.
  16. At least three police officers from Afghanistan were involved in the wedding.
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