in the weather in a sentence

"in the weather" in Chinese  
  1. It may have been caused by a change in the weather.
  2. People are going to swing with every nuance in the weather.
  3. Downsizing is an atmospheric disturbance, a change in the weather.
  4. A break in the weather might be the only break available.
  5. OK Sam, what's up in the weather world?
  6. It's difficult to find in the weather in a sentence.
  7. Every setback in the weather is recorded in black and white.
  8. But in the weather industry, consensus doesn't exist.
  9. One of the common triggers is a change in the weather,
  10. No break in the weather is expected until this weekend.
  11. Only subtle changes in the weather pattern are expected Wednesday.
  12. He is not going to want to come out in the weather.
  13. They can take greater advantage of breaks in the weather.
  14. But don't forget to factor in the weather.
  15. The rescuers made their second attempt during a break in the weather.
  16. "I love being outside in the weather, " said Kinker.
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