in the way in a sentence

"in the way" meaning  "in the way" in Chinese  
  1. These technologies are relatively economical in the way they send traffic.
  2. You can hear it in the way the music is constructed.
  3. Sabanovic got in the way at a particularly dangerous Sarajevo crossroads.
  4. More practical complications of the rebuilding effort stand in the way.
  5. That incident has made a difference in the way we live.
  6. It's difficult to find in the way in a sentence.
  7. There is little here in the way of typical tourist information.
  8. It did _ but not in the way that Intel intended.
  9. ACCURACY : This advertisement makes little in the way of claims.
  10. NAEP reports little in the way of family and student characteristics.
  11. The city was wrong in the way it handled Crown Heights,
  12. It was the thing that was always standing in the way.
  13. He is deceptive in the way he can get by people.
  14. Only its proprietary battery stands in the way of digital nirvana.
  15. The Browns defense could stand in the way of that happening.
  16. There is very little in the way of sales being done,
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