in the way of in a sentence

"in the way of" meaning  "in the way of" in Chinese  
  1. Two major problems stand in the way of such a coalition.
  2. They get in the way of linking up with Serbia proper.
  3. All that enthusiasm can get in the way of corporate goals.
  4. The company has never seen anything in the way of profits.
  5. There is very little in the way of sales being done,
  6. It's difficult to find in the way of in a sentence.
  7. Two other obstacles stand in the way of a Foley comeback.
  8. It just got in the way of these very strong accomplishments.
  9. That issue stands in the way of reviving the peace process.
  10. Money should not stand in the way of a Holyfield fight,
  11. There was little in the way of entertainment on the compound.
  12. They get in the way of where cars want to go.
  13. He was soon to be educated in the ways of Superfund.
  14. Little in the way of plant behavior is without a purpose.
  15. There is little here in the way of typical tourist information.
  16. The Browns defense could stand in the way of that happening.
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