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  1. Modal dispersion during propagation in the waveguide then provides group velocity dispersion to the signal.
  2. Marcatili s method used an Ansatz on the shape of the electromagnetic fields in the waveguide.
  3. It was determined that the leakage light intensity is proportional to the intensity in the waveguide.
  4. Sky wave propagation occurs in the waveguide formed by the ground and ionosphere, each serving as reflectors.
  5. As with other semiconductor lasers, ICLs have a tradeoff between optical loss in the waveguide and ?.
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  7. Each propagation mode of the waveguide is known as an eigenfunction solution ( or eigenmode solution ) to Maxwell's equations in the waveguide.
  8. The method can also be understood from the behavior of two propagation velocity of the light in the waveguide ( or equivalently, the effective refractive index ).
  9. In such a case, light will be guided in the waveguide until it reaches the waveguide edge, or an additional coupling element, which will couple the light out.
  10. Marcatili's method neglects these terms in the second order, and computes the electromagnetic fields in the waveguide based on this assumption and the Ansatz of the shape of the fields.
  11. To achieve this a phase matching condition is required between the propagation constant of the mth mode in the waveguide \ beta _ m and the incident light at an angle \ theta _ m normal from the waveguide surface.
  12. In a typical plan position indicator ( PPI ) radar with a rotating antenna, this will usually be seen as a " sun " or " sunburst " in the centre of the display as the receiver responds to echoes from dust particles and misguided RF in the waveguide.
  13. His group carried out the initial studies of linear and nonlinear Si-nanowire-photonics, including in 2001 Raman amplification ( optical amplifier ) in SOI technology ( silicon-on-insulator, that is, silicon wires on an insulating underlay, with dimensions in the sub-micron range ) In addition, he developed a high-speed Si thermooptical switch and demonstrated diode-pumped fourwave mixing in the waveguides.
  14. where \ omega _ c is the carrier frequency of the wave, t is the time, c is the speed of light, r is the distance from the antenna, k _ c is the wavenumber and \ lambda _ c is the wavelength, while A _ i is the amplitude of the wave which depends on the power delivered to the antenna, on its characteristics and it is affected by the power losses in the waveguides.
  15. Astra type LNBFs incorporate two probes in the waveguide, at right angles to one another so that, once the LNB has been skewed in its mount to match the local polarization angle, one probe collects horizontal signals and the other vertical, and an electronic switch ( controlled by the voltage of the LNB's power supply from the receiver : 13 V for vertical and 18 V for horizontal ) determines which polarization is passed on through the LNB for amplification and block-downconversion.

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