in the wars in a sentence

"in the wars" in Chinese  
  1. I don't know anybody who died in the war.
  2. The forceful decision came at a critical turn in the war.
  3. Apologizing meant rejecting Japan's fundamental intent in the war.
  4. The truce is broken in the war between Salador and Friton.
  5. Foreign troops who fought in the war must leave the country.
  6. It's difficult to find in the wars in a sentence.
  7. Does Washington have a double standard in the war on drugs?
  8. I thought we were right back in the wars of religion.
  9. When their fathers or grandfathers served and died in the wars,
  10. I was not excited about presenting it in the War Memorial.
  11. Other companies have said their records were destroyed in the war.
  12. His brother, a soldier, was killed in the war.
  13. The U . S . government was destroyed in the war.
  14. Mike Cameron : A Casualy in the War between Coke and Pepsi
  15. Later on in the war, they were just serial numbers.
  16. His supposed role in the war is repeated in history books.
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