in the warm in a sentence

"in the warm" in Chinese  
  1. The Macintosh is the clear winner in the warm and fuzzy category.
  2. Transfer the pancakes to a platter and place in the warm oven.
  3. May our fallen hero find peace in the warm embrace of God,
  4. Scattered thunderstorms will also form in the warm, muggy air across Texas.
  5. These hatch and grow fast, finding safety in the warm fishless waters.
  6. It's difficult to find in the warm in a sentence.
  7. Meanwhile, pressures remain low in the warm air near the Arabian Sea.
  8. Inside Yankee Stadium, American flags rippled in the warm October night air.
  9. Jacques noticed in the warm-ups that they were breaking up that line,
  10. The Mariners'loss came in broad daylight in the warm embrace of home.
  11. Arrange the salmon in a single layer in the warm serving bowl.
  12. Back then the two stars produced standout play in the warm sunshine.
  13. He used to love to play in the warm rain in Apia.
  14. Often, snow transitions to rain in the warm sector behind the front.
  15. Occasionally, MHC contributes to shower and thunderstorm formation in the warm season.
  16. This thing is too good to stay long in the warm backwater.
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