in the ward in a sentence

"in the ward" in Chinese  
  1. In the wards they contested, they averaged 16.1 % of the vote.
  2. All of the settled areas in the ward lie around the A4109.
  3. Policymaking and legislative authorities are vested in the Ward Members, Governing Body.
  4. These seats were previously contested in the ward boundaries in the Borough.
  5. Patient deaths in the ward doubled in May, June and July 1992.
  6. It's difficult to find in the ward in a sentence.
  7. Asians are centred in the wards of Alperton, Wembley Central and Kenton.
  8. Believing that Vivien cheated on him, Ben visits her in the ward.
  9. House prices in the ward are below the county and national average.
  10. The turnout in the ward was similar to others in the area.
  11. The total number of occupied households in the ward was 9, 350.
  12. The British Legion have a local office and club in the ward.
  13. The Liberal Democrats and UKIP fielded no candidates in the ward during 2006.
  14. Riley Square shopping centre is another shopping centre in the ward.
  15. There were several deaths reported there after bronchitis broke out in the wards.
  16. The Labour Party has held all the seats in the ward since 1986.
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