in the pit in a sentence

  1. Everyone in the pit should be able to hear the deal.
  2. The orchestra, no longer hidden in the pit, blossomed.
  3. They just did a fabulous in the pits all day long.
  4. IN THE PITS : ( Schlabach, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  5. An accident in the pits knocked Ray out of the race.
  6. It's difficult to find in the pit in a sentence.
  7. In the pits, the water is the color of violets.
  8. Bakhtiar Khan began working in the pits when he was 10.
  9. Lodge a knife in the pit and twist to free it.
  10. The change in the pit area is important to the drivers.
  11. Something happened; maybe we over-revved in the pits.
  12. He crashed several times and had more problems in the pits.
  13. Tactically the race could be won or lost in the pits.
  14. His car caught fire in the pits on the 32nd lap.
  15. We could see it on the TV monitor in the pits,
  16. Bears have been kept in the pits since the 15th century.
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