in the pipeline in a sentence

"in the pipeline" meaning  "in the pipeline" in Chinese  
  1. He just gave the green light to what was in the pipeline.
  2. Chen said that the bank has lots of deals in the pipeline.
  3. Some of those companies had wanted a stake in the pipeline themselves.
  4. The most immediate concern would be that freight already in the pipeline.
  5. We have things in the pipeline that do make us very confident.
  6. It's difficult to find in the pipeline in a sentence.
  7. That makes sense considering the various drugs we have in the pipeline,
  8. Several more lawsuits are still in the pipeline before Judge Bennett.
  9. Future exhibitions by several notable artists are already in the pipeline.
  10. Tenneco and Williams were previously joint venture partners in the pipeline.
  11. Plans are in the pipeline to extract marble from these quarries.
  12. And to think, 18 more federal prisons are in the pipeline.
  13. Shooting of 3D & Reality Show projects is in the pipeline.
  14. Another dlrs 350 million in economic aid is in the pipeline.
  15. There is no serious visible inflation currently or in the pipeline.
  16. With these prospects in the pipeline, investors dumped small company stocks.
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