in the pink in a sentence

"in the pink" meaning  "in the pink" in Chinese  
  1. Lyon joined Dave McArtney in the Pink Flamingos for a short time.
  2. At the least, the text in the pink notice box is misleading.
  3. There is a big blue button in the pink template for resubmitting.
  4. Another notable peculiarity in the Pink Dots'discography is their affection for vinyl.
  5. Further in the novel, the two save Kuros'sister in the pink caves.
  6. It's difficult to find in the pink in a sentence.
  7. Have you read the guidance in the pink boxes at the top?
  8. Parts of this work are further explained in the Pink State.
  9. Banks, the custodians of capitalism, are in the pink of health.
  10. He inspired wider interest in the Pink and White Terraces with his publications.
  11. Atat黵k resided in the Pink Villa until his death in 1938.
  12. :Simply hit the blue " Resubmit " button in the pink review box.
  13. The one in the pink fishnets and spiky black hair is Gaby Hoffmann.
  14. He is dismayed to find Modi in the pink of health.
  15. However, Hofmans indicated he is in the pink for the Pegasus.
  16. I hear Tony ask the tiny blonde in the pink parka.
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