in the pillory in a sentence

"in the pillory" in Chinese  
  1. New Palace Yard was where criminals were exposed in the pillory.
  2. He is instead sentenced to two hours in the pillory.
  3. After his three days in the pillory, Defoe went into Newgate Prison.
  4. It is doubtful many buccaneers got off with just a time in the pillory.
  5. However, the main purpose in putting criminals in the pillory was to publicly humiliate them.
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  7. Berewold was found guilty of making unsubstantiated and damaging claims, and punished in the pillory.
  8. He stood in the pillory on 16 March, 30 March and finally on 8 April.
  9. This would include standing twice in the pillory, as well as a fine of ?00.
  10. The world mocks at it, and sometimes puts one in the pillory for it . }}
  11. William is placed in the pillory, but is defended from the hostile crowd by his friends.
  12. Other frequently used punishments included branding, cutting off ears, and placing people in the pillory.
  13. They were first put in the pillory where they were exposed to the cutting comments of the mob.
  14. However, a pirate who was flogged could very well spend some time in the pillory after being beaten.
  15. Unable to prove the assertions made in his writings he was put in the pillory, whipped and fined.
  16. Mit dem Beispiel Kurdistan ( Development policy in the pillory-How Third World peoples are condemned to asylum seeking.
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