in the penal colony in a sentence

  1. He contracted leprosy, most likely while in the penal colony.
  2. The Japanese kept two thousand American prisoners in the penal colony.
  3. A high-ranking visitor arrives in the penal colony.
  4. Conditions for convicts in the penal colony were harsh.
  5. "In the Penal Colony " ran at the ACT Theatre until October 1.
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  7. Eleven men were hanged and ten transported for life in the penal colony of New South Wales.
  8. The barracks, a prison dormitory converted into a museum, documents convict life in the penal colony.
  9. Convict bushrangers were also prevalent in the penal colony of Van Diemen's Land, established in 1803.
  10. It is based on Franz Kafka's short story, " In the Penal Colony ".
  11. Jaimy has been convicted of defrauding the king and sentenced to seven years in the penal colony of Australia.
  12. Female convicts were also subject to flogging as punishment, both on the convict ships and in the penal colonies.
  13. The rest examine how Prague affected specific works, including " The Castle " and " In the Penal Colony ."
  14. In 2009, the company worked for the first time in For You and the UK premiere tour of In the Penal Colony by Philip Glass.
  15. It was there in 1788, in the penal colony that a century later became a nation, that the first convicts struggled ashore clanking their chains.
  16. This was particularly resented, as the colony at that time was made up largely of ex-convicts who had served their sentences in the penal colony.
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