in the pen in a sentence

"in the pen" in Chinese  
  1. Some were dead; some, she said, were " in the pen ."
  2. Some die in the pens but most make it to the slaughterhouse.
  3. Radio IDs aren't the only way to monitor movements in the pen.
  4. The move to go righthanded in the pen would be risky.
  5. He took up the pen while he was in the pen.
  6. It's difficult to find in the pen in a sentence.
  7. Everybody in the pen had the opportunity to shut the door.
  8. Zimmerman and Marte could be on their own as lefties in the pen.
  9. In the pen the tortoises are still grunting and hissing, trying to escape.
  10. My parents have both been in the pen all their lives.
  11. They will be in the pens for at least six weeks, then released.
  12. You can pet them, you can feed them by hand in the pen.
  13. It is the only high school in the Pen Argyl Area School District.
  14. John Franco and Dave Mlicki were warming up in the pen.
  15. If they let me pitch in the pen, I know I can do better,
  16. Not even in the pen do I let it go.
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