in the pay of in a sentence

"in the pay of" meaning  "in the pay of" in Chinese  
  1. Alpirez was reportedly in the pay of the CIA at the time.
  2. Crassus trusted Ariamnes, but Ariamnes was in the pay of the Parthians.
  3. Some accused me of being in the pay of the California vintners.
  4. In fact, Gist was in the pay of Cameron at the time.
  5. Berwick was a successful general in the pay of Louis XIV of France.
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  7. He had been accused of being a spy in the pay of Germany.
  8. However, he is actually in the pay of the gangsters and kidnaps Mary.
  9. In 1762 sixteen Members were thus secretly in the pay of the government.
  10. The Pope, shot by a killer in the pay of the Evil Empire.
  11. The men had been in the pay of Narciso L髉ez, a Venezuelan filibuster.
  12. In 1400, poets in the pay of Henry IV were directed to propaganda purposes.
  13. They also accused the opposition of being in the pay of NATO and Washington.
  14. Hitler alleged that both Schleicher and R鰄m were traitors working in the pay of France.
  15. Oh, and I've been accused of being in the pay of the Labour Party yet again.
  16. Darnay's accuser is the unscrupulous Barsad, who is himself in the pay of the French government.
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